DS AIRTECH providing Air Duct System for the air conditioning and ventilation system

Diffuser is the outlet of air conditioning system. Several type of diffuser, grille, louver and order-made product available.

It is also very efficient in energy saving due to its excellent air tightness. Since they are jointed in a spiral, it is also excellent in durability, strength, and air tightness. And as connection and installation are simple and easy, it is very economical.

1. Nozzle diffuser : Jet diffuser having less resistance and longer throw.
Good for spot injection.

2. Ceiling diffuser : installed in the ceiling and inlet(/outlet) 360° directions
for general air conditioning and ventilation

3. Linear diffuser : diffusers of which the aspect ratio of longer and shorter
side is above 10

HS CODE : 7307.99.9000

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