ASA Window

Premium Window of ASA (Acrylonitrile Styrene Acrylate) Plastic

  • USE
    • Large window and panel window of apartment, Townhouse, pastoral house, multiplex house, prefabricated, etc
  • features
    • Luxurious appearance with black-color extrusion and surface embossing treatment
    • Low cost even with color expression through color sheet wrapping
      Excellent heat resistance and durability against scratch
  • Maximum Size
    • 2,000mm(W) x 2,100mm/H), Width of windowpane (2W) below 1,500mm
    • 3,600mm(W) x 2,100mm(H), Width of windowpane (4W) below 1,500mm

Project Window

Premium project window of easy production and various partitioning(58mm)

  • Use
    • Windows for pastoral house, deluxe townhouse, commercial building,studio apartment building, etc
  • Features
    • Excellent soundproof and insulation functions
    • integrated type window frame- instant fabrication and quick installation
  • Maximum Size
    • 3,000mm(W) x 2,000mm/(H), Width of windowpane (2W) below 1,500mm
    • 3,600mm(W) x 2,400mm/(H), Width of windowpane (4W) below 1,500mm

Project Window.jpg

ChungYang Sash is a first small company that produces PVC sash in 1992. We grow up healthy through your help and affiliation in the past 25 years.
We are the best PVC Sash Company in Korea that have high technology, excellent quality and price competitiveness.
Beyond the Korea market, we also had a experience to export our product to Vietnam, Myanmar, Thailand and so on.

We hope that have a good relationship with you.

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