“ATOMIC PREMIUM”(Thermal & Plasma Enhanced ALD Process)

CN1 has become the leading supplier of Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) equipment through aggressive investments in R&D.
Our equipment designs and process technologies have been thoroughly proven and perfected over a decade of intensive development.
As a result, high-tech organizations working in the semiconductor, display, bio-tech and advanced energy industries now prefer CN1 ALD systems to meet their most demanding nanotechnology applications and production needs.
The proof is that CN1’s ALD equipment is now in use at hundreds of leading Universities, Research Institutes and Companies in the United States, Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, Russia, China and Korea.
Our successes to date and our continual drive to grow as a global company demonstrate that CN1 truly “Can be the Number One”.

  • Shower-head Type (Available for Plasma-Enganced ALD)
  • System Specification

-Substrate Size : 4 ~ 12” Standard (Wafer)
-Thermal ALD Process (Plasma Process Available)
-Gap Adjustable between Showerhead and Substrate
-Gas Delivery System : Bubbler, LDS etc.
-Max Temperature : 500 ℃ (@ Wafer)
-No. of Precursor Canisters : Up to 4 Sets (Standard)
-Pressure Control : Automatic Control by Throttle Valve
-Process Gauge : CDG Gauge (10 Torr)
-Process Pump : Dry Pump (Rotary Pump Available)
-Pumping Line Hot Trap to Reduce Particle

  • Features
    1.Precise atomic level thickness and composition control
    2.Excellent conformality for deep trench with high aspect ratio and complex 3D nano- & micro-structures
    3.Excellent thickness uniformity in large area substrates
    4.Lower process temperature than CVD
    5.Available Materials : Metal, Metal oxide, Metal nitride, Metal sulfide, Laminate, mixed materials
    6.Application fields : Semiconductor, Display, Solar cell, LED, MEMS, Optical-, Bio-, Nano- and Flexible devices

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