Cast Shoe


Protect your cast or bandage by wearing this shoe

Cast Shoe

Product Specification
Round-Shaped (Shoe) sole
The Hobble-Free Cast Shoe with the round-formed sole will ensure the pleasant walking & settle the inconvenience from the stiff ankle worn by the cast.

Speedy walking
Optimum height and the degree of cast shoes provides the maximum comfort in walking.
Hobble-Free Cast Shoe is well suited to the slipper, sneaker or shoe that users put on at the other side of the foot.

Comfortable walking
Hobble-Free Cast Shoe enables the comfortable walking at ascent, downhill road or stairs.

Product Size

H7001 S 10ea / box, 60ea / ctn
H7002 M 10ea / box, 60ea / ctn
H7003 L 10ea / box, 60ea / ctn
H7004 XL 10ea / box

DUK-IN started manufacturing of cast & splint which are external splintages used in Orthopedics with the management philosophy of passion, creativity and challenge in 1974

now takes a step forward to the future leading the industry based on the constant quality improvement and technology development over the 40 years.

DUK-IN is acknowledged for its excellence in quality not only by prestigious general hospitals in Korea also by the US, Japan, Australia, Iran, Taiwan, Thailand, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia.

We will continuously launch new products in various fields through new technologies based on the 40 years of know-hows.

Also we do our best to be a reliable company in the world through global cooperative relationships.
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