CJK Alliance Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing water treatment systems like water purifiers and water treatment plants, as shown by video clip and our catalogs.
  • Features (STAND / HALF)

– Convenient and safe cold/hot water purifier with hot water safety cock
– A system of cold/hot water with abundant continuous Stand or Half style
– Hot water safety cock / Hot water power supply
– HS CODE : 8421.21

  • Specification
ModelVoltageWorking PressureHot Tank VolumeCold Tank Volume
Stand220v/50,60Hz7 psi ~ 57 psi1.4ℓ2.0ℓ
Half220v/50,60Hz7 psi ~ 57 psi1.4ℓ2.0ℓ
StandCold : 80w
Hot : 300w
HalfCold : 80w
Hot : 300w

*Filter : Sediment / Carbon Block / UF Membrance / Carbon

CJK Alliance has tried to keep value of clean water since it’s established in 2002, One of the most reliable and promising company in the field of water treatment in Korea.

We have been exporting the purifiers to some Japanese customers on an OEM basis for several years, gaining a good reputation among them by satisfying their needs, including high quality and on-time delivery, etc.

We manufacture, export & import and distribute all of water treatment equipments for from home to industry including various types of industrial water treatment parts, hot & cold water purifier and hydro therapy machine.

Especially, we are exporting to Japanese companies based on OEM/ODM and have a good reputation by our customers.

The company is respecting mankind and thinking of the future environment, CJK Alliance prepares tomorrow with honesty and sincerity.

CJK Alliance is specialized in water treatment system and you can see the details regarding our business by visiting our website below.

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