CNG/LPG H2002 3 cylinder & 4 cylinder injector rail

HANA H2002 is a 3 & 4 Cylinder Side Feed type injector rail. Accurate fuel injection and engine responsiveness are ensured based on reliable H2001 injector technology. It is a small size integrated rail that is easy to mount on the vehicle without additional accessories. It has two types of BLUE (1.3Ω, AA type) and GOLD (1.9Ω, A type) according to flow rate and GOLD type injector can be controlled with various flow characteristics by using calibration nozzle (B, C & D type).


  • Side feed type
  • AMP superseal 2-way Connector [AMP 282104-1]
  • BLUE (1.3Ω, AA type) & GOLD (1.9Ω, A type)
  • Flow rate control by calibration nozzles with GOLD injector
  • Available with Rail Mount (3 & 4 cylinder rails)
  • Approvals for Temperature to -40°C

★ Certification : E11-67R-010256 & E11-110R-000516


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