CNG/LPG H2100 injector rail(3,000cc High flow)

HANA H2100 is an injector with a high flow rate specification. It is a high flow (327-473L) injector suitable for high-power engines or medium or heavy duty truck engines over 3,000 cc. The H2100 injector can be supplied only with GOLD (nozzle mountable) type and is designed for 12V and 24V to provide a variety of operating pressures and flow rates as voltage characteristics are adjusted. Internal design improvements have resulted in ‘1.2ms’ short injector opening and closing times, with excellent flow controllability and a wide stability range.


  • Top feed type
  • KET Existing Connector [KET MG640543-5]
  • GOLD (Standard A type)
  • Flow rate control by calibrating nozzles (B, C type nozzle)
  • Available with Single & Rail Mount (3, 4 cylinder aluminum rails)
  • Approvals for Temperature to -20°C

★ Certification : E11-67R-010251 & E11-110R-000501


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