PET film equipment

We, Hanseung Techno, propose to build the best film line to develop high value-added products based on core technology through accumulated
experience and technology. Hanseung offers coating equipment for multi-functional coating of PET film.Manufacturing of PET Film Line and Pilot System.

※ Modification and Improvement of PET Film Manufacturing equipment (Dryer, Extrusion, MDO, TDO, W/D, Slitter, Etc.)

  1. Improvement of quality

1) Film Thickness
2) Improving the properties of film
(Strength, thermal shrinkage rate, mechanical property, etc.)
3) Improving the defects on the film surface
(Skew, Bowing, Baggy, Flatness, Alien substance, Scratch, Wrinkles)

2. Enhancement of productivity

1) Enhancement of line speed (Improvement of longitudinal stretching
ratio, and application of multi-stage stretching and high temperature
/ high scale stretching)
2) Improvement of film breakage
3) Modification and improvement of process and equipment
(Optimization of process state)

3. Expansion of new line

1) Examination of expansion and execution
2) Test operation of equipment
3) Modification and improvement of new facility

4. Feature of coating method

1) In-line Coater(Both side Coating/ Chamber gravure)
2) In-line Coater(Single side Coating/Chamber gravure)
3) In-line Coater(Both side Coating / D-bar)
4) Off-line Coater(Comma coating)
5) Off-line Coater(Micro gravure)

Off-line Coater(Micro gravure, Slot die coating)

HS CODE : 8477.80.0000

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