Compressor driving unit module for automotive air conditioning system

We are CYAutotech

2030 Vision
We are no longer a maker of good products. Beyond this, we will transform into a company that provides insightful services that solve customer inconveniences.

CYAutotech is a future-oriented company that achieved sales growth of 17% every year since its founding by supplying driving unit module of automotive compressor to Hanon System in 2006.
We have achieved a manufacturing service based on IoT system, provide modular high quality products, and have established a light and flexible production system through Smart Factory, satisfying customers needs with small quantity production of various kinds of products, securing advanced manpower and source technology to become a technology leader in the automotive industry.

It is supplied as a compressor driving unit module for automotive air conditioning system. It is supplied separately for gasoline, diesel, hybrid, and electric vehicle. All modular parts for passenger cars are 100% suitably requested by customers. We have processes and personnel that can be delivered to. As a partner of your company, we will strive to be a company that fulfills customer satisfaction forever.



Export Area : China, Europe, USA


IATF/TS16946 certification
ISO14001 certification
SQ certification from Hyundai
Main-Biz Certified from Korea government


Compressor driving unit module



CY AutoTech

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