PP DOOR film

Deco sheet for door

DECOR VALLEY’s PP DOOR film is a sheet that is applied to places that require aesthetic and sophisticated designs such as window, door, kitchen furniture, and general furniture. It is a product with natural material design and texture.

Deco sheet that can match any space and provides excellent space directing power. Interior and exterior architectural finish that can create differentiated space with excellent surface treatment technology and sensible.

standard 0.23T * 1250 0.16T * 1250 0.16T * 1250 0.46T * 1250
characteristic Natural texture representation of natural materials such as ceramics, gypsum and stone
Finishing material with special surface treatment for luxurious atmosphere
Deep embossed with natural veneer texture Special surface printing realizes wood feeling With natural, delicate printing power Finishing material to convey the feeling of natural materials Realistic sense of steel implementation, Luxurious interior atmosphere
Remarks UV IMPRINTING Real Wood Texture
Special embossing and printing processing
Strong scratch resistant coating
Deep embossing products
Double Layer products
Real metal and UV treatment

DECOR VALLEY will find a direction as a company that produces future finishing materials based on economic, social, and cultural basis, with a variety of approaches by operating efficient organization and leading trends in meaningful product creation, which lead us to be top of engineering, production, and design.

The DECOR VALLEY’s efforts to execute our Corporate Vision through sustainable management and expansion of its global network will continue. We will make a small step in the DECOR VALLEY to enhance the competitiveness of quality, technology and design to make an innovative way as a global leader for creating future value.






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