Deep Learning Intelligence Manufacturing Solution

* Smart Factory Total Vision Solutions

Based on machine vision system, we are focusing on AI (Deep Learning)
non-examination, production of various inspection facilities (including robots) and production process prediction solutions (optimization of facility overall efficiency) through big data analysis.

※ Key features

  • Auto feeding system, basket to basket
  • High resolution with 10M cameras
    (up to pixel 3.45㎛ on request)
  • Fast processing speed with 30 cameras,
    1.13 sec/EA
  • moai 3.0 MOUNTED(Twim’s latest AI deep
    learning inspection S/W)
  • Replacing about 8 workers 8 hours a day,
    or 24 workes on 3shifts

※ Inspection Items

  • ABS parts, piston pins, transmission parts
  • Any metal parts forged or casted
  • Any plastic parts under egg size

It has technical skills that can be applied to various fields such as semiconductors, displays, automotive parts, monotone, medical machines, textiles, and secondary batteries. In particular, overkill and visual inspection parts can be solved, including those that were not previously detected by machine vision. We have recently designed, manufactured and delivered a metal forging VISION inspection system with our own deep running program, and are expected to reduce the number of test personnel by 15 people. (About 450 million won/year savings expected)


The advantages differentiated from other companies are based on a number of references such as large-scale projects, and artificial intelligence (AI) technology is applied to the visionary know-how. From customizable software to hardware, factory line setup and system stabilization, the project is carried out with full responsibility.


HS CODE : 9027.50

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