Dentalcare Nitens Totalcare Toothbrush

DENTALCARE NITENS is a brand that only handles expert worthy products, designed and engineered to the standards of each country

Since established in 2002 based on the commitment to honesty and integrity, we have prioritized our R&D efforts to improve quality of oral care products and satisfy customer needs. We have replaced plastic resin with eco-friendly resin for brush handles and kept revamped toothbrush designs in line with the newest trend in an effort to produce toothbrushes that make consumers happy.
To fulfill its commitment to consumers’ better oral health, Dentalcare Co. will continue its effort to produce highest quality products by addressing needs of individuals as much as possible.
Thank you.

This toothbrush contains anti-bacterial ingredients on its bristles, making it
effective in preventing bacterial growth in the mouth and removing plaque
between teeth.

Anti-bacterial bristle makes to prevent bacterial growth in the mouth and removing plaque between teeth


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