ECO-GREEN’s New Technology Heater

ECO-GREEN’s New Technology Heater

Heating effect which far infrared rays and radiant heat penetrate deeply into the human body !
[ Features of far infrared – Improve blood flow, Relieve stress, Recover chronic fatigue, Stimulate metabolism . ]

  • Far Infrared – Graphite Mesh Heater is a new technology heater which Eco Green has developed the
    crude liquid(impregnated crude liquid) with good heat release rate and conductivity rate using
    nano-particle graphite and carbon, and heats with radiant heat(far infrared rays) produced by
    electric resistance by impregnating in the synthetic yarn and cotton yarn-woven mesh.
  • Radiant heat (far infrared rays) is a kind of wavelength of light, radiant heat system which heat
    directly penetrates into all objects, not convection current or conductive heat, and a dramatic
    new technology heater which can achieve both space heating or floor heating.

The Graphite heating film of ECO GREEN CO., LTD. was produced in the way of impregnating first graphite on woven fabric made with heat-resistant polyester and cotton fiber and then applying insulation-coating to PE, PET, and TPU. The heating material features excellent heating effect and safety, and emits a massive amount of far-infrared rays which activate cell tissues in our body and facilitate metabolism to prevent adult diseases. The graphite fiber heating element can be applied to any areas necessary for heating, such as construction heating system, bedding, sauna, drying and growth & development of agro-fishery product, and industrial areas. In addition, semi-permanently useable and heating efficiency is more economical in contrast to other heating products.

-Households, Apartments, Pensions, Town Halls
-Stores, Restaurants, Cafes
-Public Offices, Schools, Private Institutes, Kindergartens, Child Care Centers, Research Rooms
-Accommodation, Offices, Hospitals, Postnatal Care Centers, Sauna, Nursing Centers

HS Code : 8545.90


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