Elite composite sheet

Elite composite sheet is composed of high molecule polymer synthetic resin of multi-layer structure and the adhesive layer.

Its adhesive force is very excellent for the concrete upper structure.

Through stabilization of waterproof performance and ensuring quality performance, responsiveness to behavior, durability, chemical resistance, water resistance and construction ability are excellent.

Composition of the product


  • New concept of semi-permanent product
  • Very excellent adhesiveness for various objectives to be bonded
  • Stable waterproof property on excellent cold resistance and for elastic restoring force
  • Viscous and adhesive layer with great bonding and cohesion power
  • Excellent responsiveness to behavior in structure
  • Heat resistance, durability, water resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance, chemical resistance, and sale water resistance are excellent


  • For waterproofing the top of Parking lot, outer wall, top roof, underground, etc.
  • Subway, underground roadway, Electric tunnel, Cable tunnel, underground structure, Powder magazine, hanger, etc.
  • Joint connection tape for PVC pipe and steel pipe
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