Fiber Laser Cutting Machine

The best Fiber Laser cutting system with perfect service, Meet the innovative products of THORTEC Co., Ltd.

THORTEC Co., Ltd. is a professional cutting equipment manufacturing company founded in 1999. Through constant development research, we always pursue change and innovation with the attitude of challenge and creativity and endeavor to provide the best laser cutting system and perfected service to our customers. THORTEC Co., Ltd. will always be a company to be trusted and honored for the happy and prosperous life of our customers.

THOR 3015

“The reasonable choice of reasonable customers”

Machine for cutting mild steel and nonferrous metal by NC(numerical control) using laser output from laser oscillator

It is a fiber laser cutting machine that guarantees high productivity by quickly processing a variety of metal materials such as aluminum, brass, and copper as well as mild steel and stainless steel.

THOR 6025

Features of fiber laser cutting machine

1.Excellent cutting speed

– Cutting speeds up to Max 3.5 times compared to CO2 (Gas Laser)

2. Cutting a variety of materials

– THORTEC Fiber Laser can process various materials into high-quality with the excellent beam quality. As well as Steel and Stainless steel, it can also process various metal materials such as aluminum, copper and brass into excellent quality that were difficult to cut with the existing Co2 Laser.

3. Low Maintenance costs

– Laser Gas (mixed Gas) unnecessary. Electricity Consumption reduces to 70% Compared to CO2 (Gas Laser) maintenance Costs reduces significantly
– No Costs for Mirror Alignment and Replacement
– No Maintenance Costs for Regular Repair of the internal power source

4. Laser Source & Head

We ensure performance, ,stability, and durability by adoping the world-class power source and laser cutting head. we pursue the highest-quality products with the THORTEC’s superior system control and convergence technology.

5. User-Friendly interface

Development of user-centric interface (Hangul / English support)
Application of convenient Touch screen Panel (21” Full HD)
installation Monitoring cameras for internal equipment Mounting IP camera.

  • Specification
Working Range3,100mm x 1,560mm4,080mm x 2,070mm4,080mm x 2,570mm6,250mm x 2,570mm
External MonitorLCD MonitorLCD MonitorLCD MonitorLCD Monitor
Product Collection TypeConveyorConveyor, Chip boxConveyor, Chip boxConveyor, Chip box
Max.Axis Speed Simultaneous170m / min127m / min127m / min127m / min
Positioning Accuracy± 0.1mm± 0.1mm± 0.1mm± 0.1mm
Acceleration1.5G (14.7m/sec2)0.7G (6.86m/sec2)0.7G (6.86m/sec2)0.7G (6.86m/sec2)
  • Power & Consumption
Size3015 / 60253015 / 60253015 / 60253015 / 60253015 / 6025
Total system consumption28kW32kW38kW42kW58kW
THOR 3015S
THOR 4025
THOR 6025

HS CODE : 8456.11-9000

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