Flexible Duct

Flexible duct has great fire resistance, smokeless, corrosion resistance, and air ventilation. Basically, it is utilized to hoods for ranges, sanitation facilities for exhausting, building, and so forth.

Flexible duct hoses manufactured with tarpaulin, aluminum foil, glass fiber, and Hi-clean(tarpaulin or glass fiber, laminated aluminum foil on both sides).


Flexible duct made of tarpaulin, standard length 10m, manufactured in dimensions from Φ50 up to Φ1000, withstands from –40˚C up to 80˚C.
FDTPFR has higher fire resistance than FDTP. Insulation is optional.


Tarpaulin(PVC laminated polyester)
Insulation: Glass wool(G) or PET(Poly Ethylene Terephthalate)(P)
Outer cover: Aluminum foil(A) or vapor barrier(V)

It has normal product and fire resistant product. It is harmless to human, easy to work, and economical.

It wears well, and it has good tensile strength and good corrosion resistance.

Pre-insulated product(with PET or Glass wool) creates perfect heat insulation, noise block, anti-sweating, and energy-saving effect.