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Realizing Dreams and Continuous Progress Semi Industries, a total packaging company, touches customers and pursues richness.

Since the launch of food packaging production in 1980, Semi industries Co., Ltd. has pursued customers’ satisfaction through its accumulated techniques and experience, it has researched and put its best for protecting products, keeping products safe, and creating values of products that are the purposes of packaging.

The company has produced food soft packaging including packaging for sauce and seasoning(general seasonings), vacuum packaging, frozen/refrigerated food packaging, and instant food packaging. It also has produced LLDPE films for packaging food as well as shopping bags. Because the company knows that a happy life for human being is related to a clean environment. It has actively used eco – friendly materials for producing PE bags which also helps to solve landfill issues

Semi Industries will try harder to response to mass-customization and specialize its packaging for the 21st century through pursuing customers’ satisfaction as a priority and continuing research & development. It will become a more trusted company by customers rather than being satisfied with the position where it is.


Products of Semi Industries always can be found around us.

Products of Semi Industries are always in the best quality as they are produced through the accumulated techniques and the strict quality management. The company will satisfy its customers through continuous researches and creative product development by following the periodical changes with diversifying products, improving the competitiveness and products

Types of Products

  • Food Soft Packging
  • Industrial packaging materials
  • L – LDPE films for food packaging


Desire for the Best quality – Manufacturing line with the latest technology

Semi Industries have dominated the industry with its excellent techniques and technologies. It pursues a perfect packaging culture equipped with film extrusion machines, gravure printing machines, and  various extrusion laminators for realizing a beautiful packaging culture as well as improving the quality of products.

Manufacturing Equipment

  • Printing equipment : 9 – degree and 8 – degree printing machines
  • Laminators : Tandem extrusion laminators and dry laminators
  • Film extrusion machines : 2 Layer film machines for food packaging and film extrusion machines
  • Other equipment : Slitting machine and general finishing machines

Patents & Awards


Headquarters / Factory

1094, Poseungjangan-ro, Jangan-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Korea

Tel: +82-31-351-9811~2
Fax: +82-31-351-9803

Seoul Office

#102 Hyundai APT 22, Dobong-ro 68-gil Gangbuk-gu Seoul, Republic of Korea

Tel: +82-2-2676-9801
Fax: +82-2-2672-5168

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