Food Waste Treating Machine Regular Lift

Eco-Smart Co. Ltd. is the leading manufacturer of Food Waste Decomposer in Korea. Preserving our environment for next generations has become a worldwide concern.

We are dedicated to developing and applying innovative technologies to our products in order to prevent environmental pollution from food wastes produced by a variety of commercial premises.

The Eco-Smart “ES” unit decomposes food (organic) waste and turns it into compost / animal feeds (depends on the input) within 10-18 hours. Through the process of dehydration during the decomposition process, the Eco-Smart “ES” reduces the volume and weight of food (organic) waste by 85-95%.

Product Specifications – Food Waste Treating Machine

ModelProcess capacity
in Liter / Kg

+@(10% is possible)
ES-30L30L / ≒15kg
ES-60L60L / ≒30kg
ES-80L80L / ≒50kg
ES-150L150L / ≒100kg
ES-300L300L / ≒200kg
ES-500L(LIFT)500L / ≒400kg
ES-700L700L / ≒600kg
ES-1000L1000L / ≒800kg

※ Reduction of approximately 80~90% of organic waste.
(Can be different depends on type of organic waste)

※ Process capacity in Kg / power consumption can be different
depends on type of organic waste (food waste)

※ Eco Smart’s machine is made out of durable stainless steel (SUS304).

※ Reduction of approximately 80~90% of organic waste.
(Can be different depends on type of organic waste)

ES-150L Regular Lift

Features – Food Waste Treating Machine

1. The Eco Smart Drying Decomposer machine is an automated, on-site drying system that speeds up the drying process and turns food (organic) waste into a rich soil amendment or animal feed. (Depend on input)

2. The machine is constructed of durable stainless steel with an easily accessible control panel equipped with locking mechanism.
– Fast disposal
– Any kind of organic food waste can be disposed
– Fast disposal by drying decompose

3. No smell
-Closed-loop automatic condensation system type without worry of smell
-Blocking of the source of harmful pacteria
-Improvement of sanitation of industrial site and kitchen

4. Fully automatic
-All disposal is process by pressing one button

5. Economic feasibility
-Cost saving for pickup by consignment

HS CODE : 8479.89

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