Forwarding and Transport

Sangwon Logistics Co., Ltd.

Sangwon Logistics was established on June, 1977.

During the last 39 years, Sangwon Logistics has enjoyed remarkable success and growth as one of the leading freight forwarding, and NVOCC as well as one of customs broker. With the great support of our valuable customers and experienced staffs, organization was intensified for several competition in Korea market as well as foreign transportation market.

Sangwon Logistics is doing just that so that we can enter a league all our own and provide better, quicker and more qualified services to our customers. As a international freight forwarder, Sangwon Logistics confidence that our good relationship with Korea’s major trading houses will enable to route sufficient traffic to make our mutual business profitable because we have a strong will and sales power for global cargo in Korea.

Sangwon Logistics knows where we stand, in what direction to head, what particulars to pursue and how to achieve excellence, for which you can count on us.

Our Service


  • Stock control
  • Steady temperature and humidity room
  • Bonded area
  • Warehouse Management System (WMS)


  • SOP
  • Cost-saving process

Forwarding and Transportation

  • Air transport
  • Shipping(LCL, FCL)
  • Bonded transportation
  • Real-time freight check in/out
  • Tracking

Customs Clearance

  • Customs Clearance
  • Customs refund
  • Quarantine(MFDS)


– International Forwarding(Sea Freight, Air Freight)
– Export Consolidation Service to Worldwide
– Receiving Agents for Import Shipments
– Warehousing, Trucking, Distribution
– Custom Brokerage
– Project Cargo Handling

Distribution network

  • 30 minutes to Seoul
  • 10 minutes to Giheung I.C. 7km to Giheung I.C. from W/H
  • 5 minutes to Osan I.C., 2.7km to Osan I.C. from W/H
  • Easy to access to highway (YoungDong EXP -> Incheon / Kyngbu EXP -> Seoul, Busan)
  • Branch offices at Incheon airport & Busan port for quick services provision(Bonded or Cleared)
  • Customs Clearance & Quarantine(MFDS) services by Sangwon office team.
  • All imported shipments be directly moved into Sangwon warehouse & cleared at bonded warehouse.


▶ Always listen & respect customers opinion & request

▶ Walking with our valuable customers situations

▶ Kind, honest & always keeping the moto in minds “Customers always are the most important”

▶ Keep the promise with customers

▶ All employees working same as family atmosphere.

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