“G-AiD” Smart Milling Machine

MiRHO Corporation make an industrial CNC in person in Korea,called
G-AiD, also using for educational purpose.
We are introduce our signature product, Smart Milling Machine G-AiD™.
G-AiD™ is high-speed milling machine for more precise machining. It has comparable six features with another CNC.

▶Features 1 is “Multiple Jig Solution”.
Vice and various jigs can be mounted on the master jig, according to the material. And also, 4-axis and 5-axis enables G-AiD 360 degrees processing with one time setting of materials. MiRHO provide optimal milling solutions for customer’s application.

▶Features 2 is “Optimized Motion Controller”.
G-AiD operating system is designed for users of the FANUC system adapt G-AiD’s easily. Deltatu controller of precise motion control, realized the post optimized processing system. MiRHO’s unique Compensation Table System minimizes even the tolerance of jigs.

▶Features 3 is “Easier User Interface”.
G-AiD user interface is simply designed and easy to use. Intuitive icons like smartphone apps will let you operate machines even with simple training. Once the basic setting are completed, user can operate touching only three buttons.

▶Features 4 is “High Speed Milling”.
G-AiD spindle (maximum 3.6kW and 30,000RPM) is installed in G-AiD. Our test results of G-AiD’s shows about 2~2.5 times faster processing than general MCT was possible. Average of general MCT 6,000~12,000 RPM, G-AiD 30,000 RPM.

▶Features 5 is Automatic Tool Length Measurement”.
G-AiD is equipped with a tool sensor to measure the tool length for every tool change. Accurate tool length compensation for the Z-axis is possible. Checking tool breakage or excessive wear is available by prompt alarm sign when it occurs.

▶Features 6 is ” Optimized Footprint and Low Cost High Efficiency”.
G-AiD is perfectly optimized to small & precise applications. It needs only 1/6 space of normal MCT and costs only half price. If you choose G-AiD, you can get more productivity with current budget and space.(Average of general MCT 2,000mm~3,000mm(W). G-AiD 600mm x 780mm x 18,000mm(W x H x D).)

Spec. Details
MotorAll Servo Motor with IP67(Absolute type)
Spindle3.6kW, Max 30,000 RPM, Air cooled
ATC7ea, Ø6 Shank, Detect Sensor
MaterialCustom Abutment, Hard Metal, Zirconia, PMMA, Wax, Etc.

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