It is a gas leakage alarm interrupter installed home and in restaurant. It consists of gas alarm to detect gas leakage, shutoff unit to shut off gas, and control unit to control it.

: It is an attachment type gas leakage alarm which is installed in general homes, schools, and condominiums where combustible gas (LNG, LPG, etc.) is used as fuel to prevent accidents caused by gas leakage.

  1. The device optimized for gas leak detection home and in restaurant kitchen.
  2. The system to react immediately and block the gas leak detection.
  3. Align standards applicable to the installation according to place conditions.
  4. Application of gas sensor to prevent malfunction such as fixing and other gas.
  5. Applied combustible catalytic gas sensor with long-term reliability.
  6. Possible to arrange the breaker according to various gas piping.
  7. Remote control and communication (extra feature)
  8. Manual control buttons and connection with the devices for emergency (siren and warning light)


1.Auto-stop function when remote opening / closing and gas leakage
2.Open / closed status can be checked from the control unit
3.Quicker cut-off to prevent accidents
4.Extension of additional monitoring units from 2 basic lines (OPTION)
5.Minimize external size and power consumption
6.It is possible to apply automatic control valve system for various plants and heating / cooling equipments

HS CODE : 8531.10.3000


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