“Granule” – Interior/exterior finishing material

Index Global produces interior and exterior finishing materials for all buildings. We provide products in different textures and colors to local and foreign customers, and we are exerting efforts to create an economical, clean, and pleasant housing culture by using eco-friendly materials to build passive houses.

Granule is a plastering product that has basic color with granular
texture. This is an European-style finishing material that produces fine granular textures. The texture is simple but it can be designed in different colors, sizes and shapes of granules.

Packing unit: 25kg per pail
Amount : 3.4kg/㎡ : 7~8㎡
Color scope: IK100, IK300, GP, GR, OR, OF
Remark : Rough, Fine, Rolling and Premium types are available
(Only fine can be sprayed and plastered)

  • Multiple colors Easy to apply

HS CODE : 3214.10.1090


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