High-Efficency Gas/Electric Fryers

About Delitas

Our company was started in 1997 as a fast food cooking equipment developer and specialist manufacturer. We have made tireless efforts to become a company that has earned the trust of consumers for developing high-quality products to provide a base for industrial development in the restaurant business and provide domestic technology for an industry previously dependent on imported machinery. Additionally, our employees have epitomized creativity, openness, and a global mindset to foster an ability to adapt and a sense of confidence that they are the best at what they do. Based on a corporate culture of ‘honesty’, each and every employee will aim to achieve their vision and dreams based on passion and a set of values and help the company become a leader in the restaurant machinery business.

High-Efficiency Gas Fryers

Delitas’s gas fryer/griddle are a premium kitchen equipment that combines advanced technology with decades of experience and customer’s feedback to set the standard for high efficiency operating. Our fryer and griddle are using Delitas’s high efficient Metal Fiber Burner for creating complete combustion & low harmful emissions.

•This open pot fryer’s advanced metal fiber burner technology and precision controls give you excellent temperature regulation. The Delitas fryer features an easy-to-clean open pot design with a deep cold zone to trap sediment away from the cooking area, which increases food quality and prolongs oil life.

•Combine advanced combustion technology with decades of experience and customer’s feedback to set the standard for high efficiency operating.

•Offer standard features that add convenience and ease of use
– Open fry pot is easy to clean.
– Convenient electronic ignition, melt cycle mode and boil-out temperature control.

•For Energy Saving High Production frying, Specify the Delitas high efficiency gas fryers with 3 Path Heat Exchange Supreme Burner Technology. Low Exhaust Heat and quick temperature recovery.

•Programmable digital controller offer the precise heat responses and cooking compensation. (Range : 30 ~ 190°C)

•LED’s display a cooking time countdown, and provide precision frypot temperature checks, in addition to programmable “shake” and “hold” times, and much more.

•Safety Technology.
– Safety device for sensing a flame & turbo fan.
– Dual overheat protector.
– Self-diagnosis control.
– Safety device for oil drain.

High-Efficiency Electric Fryers

Delitas’ Electric Fryers Delitas series fryers will allow you to cook more productively, more efficiently and provide a better operating environment. There are also major improvements in the cleaning and process eliminates steps, so fryers are easier to clean and return to service faster.

•The thermostat, mounted on the elements, ensures precise temperature control. The thermostat system minimizes overheating and maximizing oil life. It also compensates for variations in cooking loads, consistently producing high-quality food.

•The delitas’ fryer series save thousands of dollars annually on energy costs.

•Delitas fryers have long been the trusted choice of chains and independent operators worldwide because their efficient, precise controls and durability.

•KT4100®(KF-914E), KT6000®(KF-514E2) digital controller standard.

•Precise temperature control protects product quality, permits rapid response to loads and maximizes oil life.

•Convenient electronic ignition, melt cycle mode and boil-out temperature control.

•Programmable digital controller offer the precise heat responses and cooking compensation. (Range : 30 ~ 190°C)

•LED’s display a cooking time countdown, and provide precision frypot temperature checks, in addition to programmable “shake” and “hold” times, and much more.

•Safety Technology
– Dual overheat protector.
– Self-diagnosis control.
– Safety device for oil drain.

Continuous Innovation

• Saving thousands of dollars annually on energy costs.

• Simple design, Modularized all components & parts that reduce operating costs.

• Developing innovative technology for energy efficiency, cooking quality, safety, and reliability

Advanced Heat Exchange Technology

A 3-path heat transfer system allows for reasonable energy usage and complete combustion. In order for the heat generated by the burner to be transmitted efficiently by the frying oil, it is designed so that the heat energy generated by the burner is emitted externally after passing through a 3-way path.

As a result, we are able to drastically reduce heat loss by transmitting heat generated by the burner more efficiently through the fry pot, where it can be emitted through the flue.

It is now possible to vastly improve the temperature recovery time according to the characteristics of the food being cooking in addition to efficiency and savings from gas usage. As an example, when suddenly adding a large volume of cold food to be fried such as frozen potatoes, a much higher temperature recovery time for the marked difference in cooking oil temperature can be secured to minimize the change in food quality and taste.

Advanced Burner Durability

Metal fiber burner was invented by delitas technology for the first in the world.

• Create complete combustion &Low harmful emissions.

• Quick temperature recovery by high efficiency and durability.

• Semi-permanent life cycle.

Food quality Control

When you require the dependability of consistent cooking, programmable controllers provide the optimal answer. They modify
and regulate cooking times automatically to make sure food is prepared in an identical way regardless of amount being
cooked. Programmable buttons allow the user to easily assign menu items to single, push-button choices; while the LED
screen displays the device’s cooking options and conditions including cooking time and cooking temperature clearly.

Filtration Equipment (Combination Fryers)

40% Less Oil, 30% Less Gas Consumption, Outstanding Results Delitas Combination open-pot, oil-conserving fryers use innovative filtering and oil control technology to extend oil life, improve product quality and reduce overall oil consumption and costs. Delitas benefits range from reduction of oil use to less energy consumption while minimizing oil handling and maintaining food quality.

•High energy efficiency (30% less gas consumption)

•40% less oil than standard 50 lb vat

•With built-in filtering system

•Auto filtering system
– Hot filtered oil returned, ready for drop in less than 4 minutes
– Rinse-wave action drains crumbs
– Filter vats individually as needed

•Computerized controller
– 10(20) cooking program
– Load compensation
– Boil out mode for cleaning
– Melt mode

•Deep cool zone

•Heavy-duty stainless steel vats

•Dual overheat protector

•Self-diagnosis control

•Stainless steel construction for easy-cleaning and long life

•offer the precise heat responses

•Casters + Foot Level

Accessories shipped with unit

•1 basket support for each vat

•Fry vat cover

Optional accessories

•Filter paper

Holding Cabinet

Comprehensive Holding Solutions!
We make a Difference.

Hold cooked products longer, better and safer while improving speed of service and reducing food waste! Delitas products are an integral part of QSR work-in-process operations in which menu items are prepared to order on demand. Specifically designed to hold individual menu item components, virtually any fried, grilled or baked food product can be held for an extended period of time and at an improved quality level compared to heat lamps, steam tables or other traditional point of use holding methods.

Food Quality

– better food gets guests in the door

•Delight your guests with food at the proper temperature, texture and flavor profile

•Precisely control each food product’s environment and eliminate flavor transfer


– consistently good food gets them back again

•Confidently serve your guests knowing your food will have the same sensory appeal whether it was just cooked or has been held for an extended period

•Enhance food safety by ensuring food is maintained at safe temperatures

•Provide a uniform system-wide brand experience for your guests


– faster service allows more guests to enjoy the quality food

•Decrease service times by having food readily available

•Consolidate cooked food into one location for expedited assembly and plating

•Potentially double throughput with unique pass-through designs


– facilitates improvement in your bottom line

•Keep your brand fresh with more product offerings, menu flexibility and seamless introductions of limited time offerings

•Efficiently deploy labor by cooking in batches instead of individual orders

•Increase product yields, lower energy use and eliminate water from holding

•Reduce food waste through extended hold times

QSR Solutions

Auto Gas Grill / Griddle
KG-714G [500(W)/850(W)*850(D)*540(H)]

•Convenient electronic ignition by MICOM.
•Ignition System : Metal fiber Burner
•Temperature Dual Control : 93~220°C
•Precise digital control for temperature or time.
•Enable control different temperature on each side
•Gas Consumption : 7,500*2=15,000(Kcal/h)
•Supply Voltage : 220V / 50~60Hz

Holding Bin
KHB-717E [920(W)*350*680(D)*700(H)]

•Designed for 2 separated shelves (Upper : For chicken, Lower : For hamburger)
•Excellent display performed by the shelves with two different lamps.
•Keeping the best condition and giving convenience for user by digital
temperature adjustment and display for each shelf (built in Custom IC).
•Convenient and useful storage by separate shelves and trays.
•Attached aluminum heat plate for prompt temperature recovery.
•Made slight slope for lower shelf for user convenience (adjustable slope)
•Specially designed front/rear door structure to minimize heat loss.
•Supply Voltage : AC220V (Upper : 450W + 2 or 300W, Lower : 950W)

Holding Cabinet
KHC-818E [730(W)*400(D)*300(H)/730(W)*400(D)*420(H)]

•Adjustable separate display for temperature control.
•6holding timers for 12 slots and alarm function in front/rear for user convenience.
•Precise temperature control by MICOM.
•Minimizing power consumption and heat loss by separate heater.
•Safer by Dual Overheat protector.
•Enable to be used for both directions of trays.
•Selectable Dry/Wet function for its characteristic.
•More durable by anodized treated exterior for front/rear.
•Supply Voltage : AC220V 1.8kW (Upper : 3 or 300W, Lower : 3 or 300W)

Portable Filtration
KFM-304E/404E [390(W)*610(D)*705(H)/480(W)*714(D)*703(H)]

•Oil and Heat resisting with 3 layers or drain hose and designed & manufactured for eatable and safe.
•High performed filtration system (13L/min.) and completed within 5 minutes.
•Applying high quality oil pump approved by NSF.
•Easy to clean by pre-filtration system.
•Applying 360 rotation drain hose for user convenience.
•Easy to move by one unit with a built-in filtration system.
•Supply Voltage : AC220V & 350W, Oil Pot Capacity : 35L/45L


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Spec sheets available at www.delitas.co.kr 


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