High Speed-Doors

COAD is specialized company for installation and manufacture of high speed door and has 6 overseas corporation in Japan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, and Vietnam. All has local industry managed by professional experts.

COAD rapid door is customized by the preference of customers and it is fitted in any location. There is no restriction of size and location.

COAD only produces the specific industrial speed door so it is completely sealed in the space without gap. Therefore, customers could prevent the inflow of dust and insects from outside.

Moreover, the high speed door is durability. Most companies use stainless or steel frame. However, it is easily corroded by outside impact. So, COAD uses aluminum which is water-resistance and strength. Also, the sheet is 2T that is thickness and toughness. There are all basic specification for the highest quality of high speed door.

COAD guarantees up to 2 year warranty programs for customers. This is only possible in COAD because we directly handle manufacture, installation and maintenance service. Please visit our website for detail. www.highspeeddoorcoad.com

Coad Homepage : www.highspeeddoorcoad.com