Injector with Nozzle for CNG/LPG Kits

HANA( in Korea, are very proud that our Injector are selling

“World Best Injectors”(H2000 serious/Gold Label)

while maintaining the market share of over 28% in Europe for the last five years continuously. 

Based on The World Best Gas Injector (H2000. H2001. H2002. H2003. H2100. H2200) and Perfect Waterproofing ECU(32Bit/70Pin/OBDⅡ & CAN Bus), HANA’s Bi-fuel Injection system for MPI & GDI engine installs right along side of existing OEM fuel system and uses inexpensive LPG/CNG as the main source of fuel while retaining all the traditional secure options and fueling locations as before.

1. Since its establishment in 1998, we are exporting CNG/LPG Converter included Injector(H2000. H2001. 2002. H2003. H2100. H2200) under the 28pcs of Certificates including ECE 67R, 110R, ISO and others. From the beginning of this business, we are selling The Credibility & The Difference before exporting our quality.

2. Gas Fuel Injector(6-models) are exporting more than 450,000pcs in a year for the last 5-years. With our Gold Label & Basic model of Injector(A type of H2000, H2001, H2002 & H2003) & Nozzle,     you can install them on a different engine by using of the different size nozzle (2.4mm, 2.1mm, 1.9mm).

3. As the only product in the world that is produced by Hana, H2100 will have a better performance in Turbo Gasoline Engine and Diesel Engine also. And H2200 is mainly mounted to a  diesel engine, also be supplied to Chinese automobile factory. Our CNG Regulator(H6009) included Injector(H2200) are supplied to Chinese Automobile(FAW).  

4. With the complete function of OBD2 and completely waterproofing, our ECU is also being exported to the U.S. and Japanese markets. And ECU for GDI(Gasoline Direct Injection) engine was developed firstly and are leading product in the domestic market.

5. GHP ECU for Air Conditioning System(Gas Engine Driven Heat Pump) The typical air-conditioner system is a kind of cooling system by using an electric motor driving the compressor for circulating a refrigerant. But GHP system is equipped with gas(LNG/CNG) engine instead of an electric motor and is operating the air conditioning system driving the compressor for circulating a refrigerant. This system can be used on Heating system by using the recovering heat of exhaust gas of the engine.

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