LIBS Equipment

Lithium ion battery separator[LIBS] facility

HANSEUNG TECHNO, a manufacturer of lithium ion battery
separator equipment provides not only film production facilities
but also related wet process technology.

  • The equipment manufacturing separator for lithium ion battery.
  • Supplying LiBS(Lithium-ion Battery Separator) production equipment and possessing the manufacturing process technology
    (Wet type process method)

* Features of goods

  • It provides equipment capable of producing
    Separator(film) of all thicknesses applicable
    to secondary batteries.
  • It is equipment that enables high yield(productivity).
  • It is possible to produce high quality film.
  • Available to change equipment design to meet
    for end-user needs.
  • Process technology support is available until the
    production process stabilizes.

HS CODE : 8477.80.0000


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