Line marking Edge Applicator

SONGHYUN L&C is a manufacturer of the safety line spray, which helps create safe and healthy customer lives, by making industrial settings and construction sites safer through innovotive and creative technology.

We will always set ourselves new challenges in order to create limitless value for customers’ safety.

We will strive for a future free of any safety accidents by developing solutions through which anyone can prevent safety accidents easily and conveniently.

We will continue to grow as a global manufacturer of industrial safety products through our indomitable will and keen enthusiasm.

  • Specifications of the product
    – Weight: 16kg Height: 80cm
    – Width: 38cm Length: 70cm
    – Material: SC steel sheet 2T
  • Properties of the product
    – Securing durability using the SC steel sheet for body material
    – Securing the line straightness by using the wide urethane material for the drive wheel
    – Equipment capable of applying the spray line width of 5-15cm
    – Capable of transparent coating with one application by dual spray device of 2 coat method
    – Capable of applying fluorescent and luminous spray two times
    (Lower application in white and upper application n fluorescent)
    – Capable of being used exclusively for logistics center and factory line tape
  • Features
    – BODY materials are manufactured from SC steel to ensure durability.
    – Drive Wheel Wide urethane material for line straightness
    – Spray line width 5cm to 15cm applicationable equipment
    – 2coat double spray unit for transparent coating once applied
    – Fluorescent and glow-in-the-dark spray can be applied twice (bottom white, phase-in fluorescent)
    – Available exclusively for logistics centers and factory LINE TAPE

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