LU’SOB Baby Soap

LU’SOB Baby Soap contains 100% botanical palm oil and moisturizing agents to minimize irritation when it is used on sensitive skin.

The soap washes off clean, leaving the skin fresh and problem-free. Contains natural rose hip oil, lavender oil, and rosewater.

It also contains Ecocert certified shea butter imported from Europe as well as argan oil. The soap creates a fresh cream-like rich and delicate lather and can be used on the face as well as the body and hair.

Since establishment in 1986, Dongbang B&H Co., Ltd. (Previous name is Dongbang Industrial Co., Ltd.) has consistently run to realize the health and beauty of the people.

Dongbang B&H Co., Ltd. produces products with the mother’s heart in order
to realize harmless and environmental friendly value to the human body.


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