NAP Hair Brush-Bestla

Handmade goods, or handmade products, are currently used by hairdressers in Japan or Korea.

High tech roll brush for high performance. The main materials are napron, pig, aluminum, and wood.

Use of high heat resistant napron:

Using advanced functional materials with high temperature of 250 degrees Celsius and high resilience, it ensures stable use of dryers even when calling for long periods of time.

Pure Swine:

Pig made of the same protein as human hair is the most preferred hair color for hair stylists, preventing hair from cracking and creating glossy hair.

Using Heat Aluminium Pipes:

As the main body uses aluminum pipes, heat can be distributed evenly to the entire pipe when the temperature of the pipes rises due to the heat of the dryer, heat can be transferred to the hair in a short time.

Special processing:

As the main body is finished with special processing, there is no fear of smell.

Handles fitted to the hands of a hairdresser:

Handles are made of construction materials, furniture, ship materials, plywood, and pulp, making them feel smooth and smooth, making them feel good when used, and the life span of the hand is long due to the hair and combination.

These five-featured hairbrushes make it easier for users to finish different hairstyles on their own than using ordinary ones.

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