Pine needle oil


More than 5000 kinds of natural volatile organic compounds are contained in one capsule.

We only extract the oil fraction

which has a strong medicinal effect.

The Premium Vita Gold is a highly-enriched product;

2kg of pine needles is required to make one capsule.

Product Type: Health Fooda


1 capsule twice a day, taken orally with water
Ingredients: Pine needle oil 100%
Capacity: 450mgX60 capsule



BEDELKOREA is a company engaged in research and development of a functional food whose principal ingredient is phytoncide, extracted from the native pine tree of Korea: ” RED PINE”.

The slogan of BEDELKOREA Co., Ltd is “The benefit of the forest in people’s daily lives “.

Products developed by BEDELKOREA include products for oral intake, for application to the skin, and for aroma therapy. The red pine needle contains over 5,000 natural volatile organic complexes (bioactive substances).

We supply 100% natural products to satisfy our customers’ expectations.

BEDELKOREA was established in 2008 with the spirit of the Lord’s eternal love and devotion for the whole of mankind. We donate a part of our profits for the mission in underdeveloped countries.

We acknowledge our social responsibility as a leading company in our field.

Thank you.

CEO Hyang-Jin Yun

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