Plaster of Paris Bandage

Plaster of Paris Bandage is external splintage to fix affected part’s original shape

in modern medical technology.

Cast also means the materials for external splintage.

A roll and function of cast is to lead natural healing by immobilization of fractured part. This treatment has been applying from the past to present as basic and core method.
The material for external splintage was made by gypsum for the beginning.


Product Specification

Consistent Quality
It always maintains consistent quality, smooth feeling and high solidity in modeling.

Economical Use
Even though smaller volume is used than that of other companies, high strength is maintained saving the quantity used.

The product of the only casting material specialized company in Korea.

Purpose of Using Casting Tape

– Reduction and Fix of fracture
– Prevention and Fix of deformation
– Support and Stabilization of joint
– Effective solution of pain

Kind of Cast

– Short arm cast
– Long arm cast
– Hanging arm cast
– Body cast
– Spica cast
– Short leg cast
– Long leg cast
– Cylinder cast
– Foot cast

Kind of Base material

– Plaster of Paris
– Fiber glass
– Polyester

User Manual

1. Cover Stockinette on the part to be casted and put gauze bandage around.
2. Put the product in the 15~20°C water for 10 seconds and squeeze dry when the center of the roll is wet.
(The higher the temperature of the water, the shorter the stiffening time.
If the water temperature is too high, there can be a burning due to high calorific value and the strength is weakened.)
3. Put bandage around the affected area overlapping 1/2~2/3 of the bandage.
4. Mold bandaged part several times repeatedly with hands so that the strength can be maintained and stiffening time can be shortened.
5. Keep in cool dry place.

Products Details

C1023 2″ 2″ x 3y (5cm x 270cm) 12 Rolls / Box
C1033 3″ 3″ x 3y (7.5cm x 270cm) 12 Rolls / Box
C1043 4″ 4″ x 3y (10cm x 270cm) 12 Rolls / Box
C1044 4″ 4″ x 4y (10cm x 360cm) 12 Rolls / Box
C1053 5″ 5″ x 3y (12.5cm x 270cm) 12 Rolls / Box
C1054 5″ 5″ x 4y (12.5cm x 360cm) 12 Rolls / Box
C1063 6″ 6″ x 3y (15cm x 270cm) 12 Rolls / Box
C1064 6″ 6″ x 4y (15cm x 360cm) 12 Rolls / Box
C1083 8″ 8″ x 3y (20cm x 270cm) 12 Rolls / Box
C1084 8″ 8″ x 4y (20cm x 360cm) 12 Rolls / Box

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