POWER-Z(Fuel Additive)

50ml(1 bottle) Power-Z for Gasline 50-60L refueling

Why you have to choose the “POWER-Z”
1. Improvement of fuel efficiency and increase of engine power,
2. Carbon removal and control of carbon generation
3. Reduction of exhaust gas(NOx, PM)
4. Decrease of exhaust gas temperature, removal of sludge in fuel tank

Introduction of Power-Z

“Power-Z(fuel additive)” reduces particulate matters (PM) by about 50% and nitrogen oxides (NOx) by about 20%. This is because the oxygenate materials contained in the fuel additive cause rapid combustion and low-temperature explosion through the use of oil-soluble organic calcium compound.

In particular, we do not use iron (Fe), barium (Ba), or manganese (Mn) in our products. However, most competitors are using these substances, which are classified as environmental pollutants by the Environment Conservation Act.

If you use POWER_Z for about 600 hours of operation, you can extend the life of the main engine by removing carbon in the injection nozzles, valves, cylinders and the combustion chamber.

Moreover, most of the sludge deposited in the fuel tank is dispersed and used as fuel, so tank cleaning is not required.

Since its establishment in 1995, our company has been certified for ISO 9001 and 14001 and has been producing eco-friendly fuel additive (brand: Power-Z) for the ship and automobile fuel.

Based on rich experiences and know-how acquired for the past 20 years of research and technology development, we have continuously improved the quality of fuel additives used in ships and automobiles.
HS-CODE : 3811-90

Features of Power-Z

1) When using additive for heavy oil, fuel saving effect is about 2.5 ~ 3%. In addition, it can be economically effective in maintenance and management of scrubber since about 50% of fine dust (PM) and about 20% of NOx (NOx) are reduced in the previous stage of scrubber after using additive.

2) In the continuous use of POWER-Z, the sludge generated in the fuel is dispersed in the colloid state due to the unique reforming action of POWER-Z, so the sludge gradually becomes fuel in the process of using POWER-Z and the sludge in the storage tank almost disappears so tank cleaning is unnecessary.


3) The additive for gasoline has been tested by authorized agencies, showing a decrease of 36% of NOx, 23% of CO, and 39% of HC (Shanghai Institute of Automobile Inspection Technology).

4) The diesel additive showed a decrease of 25.8% of NOx, 1.7% of HC & CO, 4.6% of PM, and 2.6% in fuel consumption. (Shanghai Institute of Automobile Inspection Technology).


POWER-Z, our product, has been awarded the “Green Technology Product Certification” and “Performance Certification” by the Korean government as a fuel additive with superior particulate matter (PM) reduction performance and environmentally friendly raw materials and combustion products.


Also we received “China Environmental Protection Product Certification” from Chinese government. In addition, we also have won Korean patent, US patent and Chinese patent based on this special technology.

ITEM CODEUSEDescription Requirement
TBV-1D-50Automobile(DIESEL)Passenger Car1Box(300ml)=6bottle(50ml)
TBV-1D-100Automobile(DIESEL)Van, MPV, SUV1Box(400ml)=4bottle(100ml)
TBV-1D-500Automobile(DIESEL)Truck, Trailer1bottle(500ml)
TBV-1G-50Automobile(GASOLINE)Passenger Car1Box=6bottle(50ml)
TBV-1G-100Automobile(GASOLINE)Van, MPV, SUV1Box(400ml)=4bottle(100ml)
TBS-VLSShip(LSFO)Low sulfur fuel oil – Combustion Improver, Fuel Dispersant20Liter(Can), 200Liter(Drum)
TBS-6MShip(HFO)High sulfur fuel oil – Combustion Improver, Fuel Dispersant20Liter(Can), 200Liter(Drum)
TBS-4DShip(LSFO, HFO, MGO)Fuel Lubricity Improver20Liter(Can), 200Liter(Drum)
TBB-4MBoiler(HFO, LSFO)LSFO, HFO – Combustion Improver, Fuel Dispersant20Liter(Can), 200Liter(Drum)
Specification of Power-Z

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