Public Address System




  • THERMAL PROTECTION & AUTOMATIC IDLING CIRCUITRY Thermal protection circuitry is provided for stability and reliability against over-current and over-heating. Automatic idling circuit is also provided to protect against thermal run-away.
  • MUTE START SYSTEM To protect speakers and remove pop noise, start operating after 1 second.
  • BALANCED INPUT To allow you to build reliable system, a balanced input is provided to reduce hum pick up from a long distance input cable and to avoid group-loop problems.
  • USE OF EMERGENCY BATTERY You can operate the power amplifier by using emergency battery for unexpected AC power failure

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  • EPA-2123 JFA-242 ECS-210R/ 220R/ 230R/ 240R EAR-21XX JFA-242
  • SamHyoung Electronics Co.,Ltd Spare amplifier will be turn on automatically incase main amplifier is out of order on the way of operating to announce emergency situation or important broadcasting
  • LED indicator will be flashed and buzz will make Speaker line of amplifier output is ground,
  • LED indicator will be flashed and buzzer will make sound.
  • Convenient signal volume control per amplifier.
  • High fidelity electronic balanced input circuit. Versatile usage.

① 4 main amplifiers + one spare amplifier.

② 8 main amplifiers + one spare amplifier.

③ 16 main amplifiers + one spare amplifier.

④ Extended if want

Signal input/output…1:1 (Level variable)

Signal dynamic range… +18dB

Response Frequency… 20Hz ~ 20KHz -0.5dB

T.H.D (@1kHz) …Less than 0.005%

S/N Ratio (@1kHz) … More than 86dB

Cross-talk …More than 80dB

Power Requirements …AC 220V~240V, 50 / 60Hz, DC 24V

Power Consumption … 20W

Dimensions … 482(W) × 88(H) × 200(D) mm

Net Weight (kg/Ib) …4.2 / 9.3




  • The ECS-series Speakers (ECS-210R, ECS-220R, ECS-230R, ECS-240R) are full range round type column speakers designed for the commercial PA audio systems using 70V or 100V high impedance lines.
  • Built-in brackets for easy installation.

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