Reflective flame retardant sew on trim

S500SIL FR Fabric

Durable reflective flame retardant trims manufactured specifically for emergency response uniforms, turn our gear and garments designed to be exposed to heat and flame.

 Size 40″ x 50m (per roll)
Reflectivity500 cd.lux/㎡
Washing durability50 / 60℃ 
Liner type   100% Cotton
Application      Sew-on 
CertificationsEN ISO 20471 cl.2, EN 469
  • Description

S500SIL flame retardant (FR) reflective silver sew-on trim has wide range of applications.
Main uses are in safety garments and performance active garments and accessories. With this product, garment manufacturers can increase low-light visibility and performance of their garments when applied correctly. It is composed of retroreflective glass spheres and an aluminum stratum laminated onto FR cotton.

  • Performance Parameters

Retroreflective performance Our products follow generally used measurement parameters in the garment industry eg. Retroreflection cd.lux/㎡. S500SIL has a reflective index of 500 cd.lux/㎡. Depending on wear, use, laundering and environmental conditions, the performance will be affected. For further details, please contact our technical customer support.

  • Product certification

Notice! Yezi Reflex Corp. products follow industry standards for minimum performance requirements. In many cases our products clearly over perform these standards and competing products. S500SIL EN 471:2003+A1:2007, EN ISO 20471:2013, EN 469:2005 and EN ISO 11612:2008 certified and meets or exceeds the following performance parameters


HS CODE : 5903.90-0000

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