Reflective sew on fabric

S200SIL Fabric

Our hardwearing range of reflective sew-on tapes are the perfect solution for hi-visibility garments that are exposed to the most hazardous conditions day after day, night after night.

 Size 40″ x 50m (per roll)
Reflectivity500 cd.lux/㎡
Washing durability50 / 60℃ 
Liner type    35% Cotton + 65% Polyester
Application      Sew-on 
CertificationsEN ISO 20471 cl.2, ANSI/ISEA level.2
  • Description

S200SIL reflective silver sew-on trim has wide range of applications. Main uses are in safety garments and performance active garments and accessories. With this product, garment manufacturers can increase low-light visibility and performance of their garments when applied correctly. It is composed of retroreflective glass spheres and an aluminum stratum laminated onto cotton/polyester fabric.

  • Performance Parameters

Retroreflective performance Our products follow generally used measurement parameters in the garment industry eg. Retroreflection cd.lux/㎡. S200SIL has a reflective index of 500 cd.lux/㎡ Depending on wear, use, laundering and environmental conditions, the performance will be affected. For further details, please contact our technical customer support.

  • Product certification

Notice! Yezi Reflex Corp. products follow industry standards for minimum performance requirements. In many cases our products clearly over perform these standards and competing products.

S200SIL EN 471:2003+A1:2007 & EN ISO 20471:2013 certified and meets or exceeds the following performance parameters

HS CODE : 5903.90-0000


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