Restaurant fire suppression system


This automatic sprinkler system for a commercial kitchen contains a controlling part to receive and convey a fire, a sensor part to sense a fire, a blocking part to shut off gas and electricity, and extinguishing device to extinguish a fire, a damper to shut off an air duct during fire, and an operating device to control fire extinguishing agents.


1.Optimal kitchen sprinkler system for all kinds of kitchen fires of a hood,
a duct and kitchen equipment.
2.Product of Fire Insurers Labotories of Korea, Koea Fire Protection
3.Use of reinforeced fire extinguishing agent
4.Appropriate temperature setting for each place
5.Two alarms on sensing temperature Avoiding malfunction with alarm
condition display and high-precision temperature fuse
– First : Shutting of gas(electricity) valves and powers around when d fire is sensed
– Second : Shutting off dampers and spraying fire extinguisher when a fire is sensed
6.Connected with gas alarm(detecting gas and blocking gas)
7.Standby power for power failure
8.Remote control and communication(extra feature)
9.Manual control buttons and connection with other devices for
emergency(siren and warning light)

HS CODE : 8424.10.0000


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