Roll Cleaner

Founded in 1997, KODO Techinical Research company manufacturers Ultrasonic related products, We offer the best single-sump cleaner, multi-sump cleaner, semi-automatic cleaner, automatic cleaner, IC Card Machine, mold cleaner, TCE cleaner, Bubble cleaner, etc, according to the users preference

Ultrasonic Cleaner
– Ultrasonic Cleaning Device
– Printing Roller Ultrasonic Cleaning
– Roller Cleaning for Printer

  • Features

1. Control method
– PLC control system
– Using Touch Screen: Pursuing user convenience
3. Ultrasonic mode
– Normal, Pulse, Sweep
3 modes available
4. With Degas function
– By removing dissolved gas from the cleaning solution
Improved cleaning power when washing
5. Precise cleaning
– Improving print quality by standardizing cleaning
6. Construction of cleaning system for safety to environment and users
– Eco, Use cleaning fluid

HS CODE : 8479.89


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