Sand Plant

Sand plant aims production of controllable crushed sand. It handles quarry dust to qualified targeted washing manufactured sand.

It is automatic system which includes water treatment system.
Sand Plant on Site
SANDUNIT (Model No. MS 800×300)

Aimed for producing properly controlled crushed sand which is reclaimed from fine particles as a waste in rock crushing line

SAND MAKING PLANT is designed as
a water-spraying system in which all processes are interfaced to practice a full automatic system.

SANDUNIT as the core facility of SAND MAKING PLANT has a strong classifying capability compared to similar system in this area.

  • Typical Material Flowchart
  • Typical Arrangement of Major Equipment
Major EquipmentProduction CapacityProduction CapacityProduction CapacityProduction Capacity
160 Ton/hr300 Ton/hr400 Ton/hr500 Ton/hr
Belt FeederMBF-750WMBF-900WMBF-1050WMBF-1200W
Vibrating ScreenMVS-2470×1MVS-2470×2MVS-2470×2MVS-2780×2
VSI CrusherMVSI-2200MVSI-3800MVSI-4400MVSI-4400×2
Sludge Tank60㎥90㎥120㎥200㎥
Filter PressMFP-1200MFP-1500MFP-2000MFP-2400
Total Required Power450kW800kW950kW1400kW

“Various applicable plant arrangement”

HS CODE : 8474.80-9000

Having grown as a total engineering & manufacturing company, we are still thirsty for reaching toward top class in the world in spite of having become the leading company in the field of sand making plant in Korea.

During last two decades, we have devoted ourselves to development of environment technology and facilities including large scaled filter press, and have participated in government-supported project as a major partner to develop an advanced waste concrete recycling system.

In addition, we developed water treatment facility and filter press at the international level in the field of environment technology and equipment which have been recognized with a better performance than the imported equipment. As well as, we’ve led the export to international market.

Nowadays, being faced with our royal customer’s higher requirement, we’re dedicated to fulfilling the best customer satisfaction. It’s our pride to support the customer with long term and experienced manpower in all areas.

Finally, we proclaim that company slogan; ‘Creative’, ‘Serviceable’, and ‘Healthy’ that is our final goal until we become the global leading company in the 21th century in order to serve our society and country.

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