Bottle cleaning brush made of Silicone

We are very skilled at silicone brush as you would notice. That makes us competitive. Please kindly take note that to make even and fine bristles and take the item out of the tooling is a sophisticated process. After trial and error in years, we learned how to manufacture Versatile and Miscellaneous brushes in silicone. Especially for silicone bottle brush, they are bristled at a full 360 degrees, which would be only realized with our experience and expertise.

Petal Two-way Silicone bottle brush’s design is optimized for washing a baby bottle and pacifier with a tiny tip brush that gets right into every nook and corner, which enables washing various bottles. It is a way more easy to remove all leftover milk.

Petal Slim Silicone bottle brush is small and simple, but could be used every day, especially to clean a mug cup or bottle in a normal size.

Thin Silicone bottle brush can get inside of bottle with a comparatively narrow neck or mouth. You could clean narrow spaces by using the tip to scrape any dust or dirt in a gap out.

Standing Silicone bottle brush is wide enough to clean a wine cup or mug at once. Remaining water will get drained out in a either way; hanging it on the railing or placing it stood at the sink.