Stud bolts, Flange bolts and Cold forging products

Taesung Metal was founded in 1979 and has grown as a manufacturer of Stud bolts, Flange bolts and Cold forging products.
Taesung Metal has specialized equipment and quality control systems for STUD BOLT and we have actively endeavored to increase product quality, reduce prices, improve delivery times, and develop new products.
We also have a system capable of small quantity and mass production of automobile bolts and cold forgings products.
Taesung Metals will change according to the changing environment of auto parts and will be the company that gives the best satisfaction to customers.

Taesung Metals has sufficient production capacity due to technological development and new facility investment.
Based on this, We can deliver the quantity customer want at the time customer want. We utilize various methods of heat and surface treatment and other methods from partnering companies that have accreditations from international quality systems and fully built vehicle quality assurance systems.

With systems like the Vision sorting equipment, we strive to provide our clients with 100% checked products. Based on this, we are aiming for a 0% fault on all of our customers’products. Also, through our data system, we are trying to achieve perfect LOT location and product warehousing.


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