Swing Door

Our living space demands a space design that not only meets the demands of new values for life’s enjoyment, comfort and beauty, but also emotional satisfaction as well as expression of various personalities.

From design/system design to manufacturing, construction, and post-management, we are committed to creating a more pleasant and future-oriented residential art space by building a residential space with outstanding technical skills, advanced senses, and customer-facing minds.

Based on the space design that meets the rapidly changing needs of the times, I will be the main player in filling up the high quality interior space that is always ahead.

Through original design, functionality, accurate construction, and clear follow-up management, we will continue to realize customer emotion.

Swing Door is a folding door that opens and closes 180° in both directions. As possible, the door has a damper that relieves the impact of the door closure, which provides high safety and utilization.

Swing Door Features

1. High Space Utilization
With up to 95% open rate, the view seems wide, making it ideal for narrow space installation and excellent for space utilization.

2. Two-way 180 degree Rotation
High-end materials and specialized hardware provide robust and smooth operation, convenient and safe use.

3. Semi-automatic
It can be opened and closed with less power by using Tolbalans and Dampers, and it can be opened and closed smoothly and precisely by applying gear structure.

4. Free Movement
It’s easier to move and easier to clean because it doesn’t have a door sill.

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