Torque only sensor Torque angle sensor Assembly Line

The machine is designed for producing steer angle sensors

Techland, Inc. designed a TOS/TAS assembly line.

TOS/TAS (Torque only sensor Torque angle sensor) is steering sensor.

TosTas Mian-techland

Techland is specailized in making automation machine.

Techland has three deparments, FA(automotive components), Battery, Medical.

FA deparment makes assembly machines for automotive equipments.

Techland’s FA team has strengths in steering sensor, motor etc.

Battery deparment makes assembly machines and electrode making line for sencondary battery.   Techland battery team could handle Lab scale, Pilot scale and Mass line.

We could make all of the battery type. Polymer(Pouch), Prismatic and Cylindrical.

Madical department is specailized in making machine for IV(Intravenous drip)bag.

Techland Introduce


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