Trendy Door

Trendy Door, Our living space demands a space design that not only meets the demands of new values for life’s enjoyment, comfort and beauty, but also emotional satisfaction as well as expression of various personalities.

From design/system design to manufacturing, construction, and post-management, we are committed to creating a more pleasant and future-oriented residential art space by building a residential space with outstanding technical skills, advanced senses, and customer-facing minds.

Based on the space design that meets the rapidly changing needs of the times, I will be the main player in filling up the high quality interior space that is always ahead.

Through original design, functionality, accurate construction, and clear follow-up management, we will continue to realize customer emotion.

Moondaso / Trendy Door
Moondaso / Trendy Door2.0
Moondaso / Trendy Door
Moondaso / Trendy Door5.0

Trendy Door is an aluminum interlocking Trendy door featuring a wide glass design and a simple and beautiful frame.

  • Features of Trendy2.0
  1. Steady Aluminum Frame
    It has no shock or temperature distortion and is durable by covering it with a specially designed aluminum bundle.
  2. Excellent Insulation Effect
    Mo-hairs are added to maximize the heating and insulation effect.
Door Design
  • Features of Trendy5.0
  1. Door Roller
    A custom-designed door roller has excellent rotational
    power and can withstand up to 60 kg of load, free of
    collapse and wheel damage.
  2. Patented Interlocking Switchgear
    There is no gap between the doors, so there is little noise and good insulation.

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