Vibro Subsoiler (Attachment of Tractor)

The problem of soil erosion is particularly acute in developing countries, while problems of salinization, waterlogging, soil pollution and loss of soil fertility are increasing in all countries.
The vibro subsoiler is a new concept subsoiler that was jointly developed by the company and the Rural Development Administration (National Institute of Agricultural Sciences) to solve such problems with soil.

Vibro Subsoiler (Buried pipe) / Model : SWS-1-P

Vibro Subsoiler (Pan Breaker) / Model : SWS-2

  • Specification (HS CODE : 8432.80-0000)

Using the turning force of tractor power take-off shaft, a vibration is given to the subsoiler and this greatly decreases the tractor’s towing load, making possible a subsoiler work for a 30 horse power class tractor at a maximum depth of 70cm.

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