Waste Water Treatment Facilities (Filter Press)

Filter press is part of water treatment system which has separation function of sludge from waste water automatically.

Operational Test Run in Workshop

Having reduced average cycle time up to 20% compared to existing one, new developed Filter Press has remarkable sludge treatment capacity.

“Sludge treatment system”

The filter press shows “Up to 20% shorten average cycle time compare to other brands.”

  • Chamber Type
  • Membrane Type
  • Technical Specification
Filter Plate Sizemm1200×12001500×15002000×20002400×2200
Cake Thicknessmm356050 / 6060 / 70
No of Plateea80~14060~10060~10060~100
Cake Volume㎥/cycle3.5~6.56.1~10.69.9~2020~36.0

HS CODE : 8474.80-9000

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